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    END-TO-END Campus Management System for Schools & Colleges

    Save time, improve efficiency, and manage every aspect of your school or college, from anywhere. Bring your educational vision to life with eCampus. Request Demo

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     With eCampus,You're in Control.
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Set Up Your Campus for Success

END-TO-END Campus Management System for Schools & Colleges!

Save time, improve efficiency, and manage every aspect of your school or college, from anywhere. Bring your educational vision to life with eCampus. Request Demo

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Every tool you need for managing your school or college campus.


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With eCampus,You're in Control.

eCampus is a 360 degree campus management software that delivers exactly what it promises - seamless control over every aspect of managing your school or college. Designed to be a powerhouse of a campus management software, eCampus packs 30+ modules for teaching, learning, communication, and administration. From online admissions to student records, from fees collection to exams, from progress monitoring to financial management - and everything in between - eCampus does it all.eCampus gives you insight into the performance of every student, teacher, class, and department. It enables you to find patterns and optimise processes in pursuit of academic excellence, operational efficiency and improved profitability.Moreover, eCampus is highly flexible and user-friendly. It's user interface is easy to get started with and get used to - for management, faculty, students, and parents alike.


All-in-one Solution

The full suite of modules & features for managing a school or college campus.

Seamless Integration

All the insight and control you desire, made available in a few clicks .

Amazing Scale & Flexibility

Fits the unique needs, structure, and growth of your institution like a glove .

Secure & Cloud-based

Keeps all your critical data secure and keeps you connected from anywhere.

Secure & Cloud-based

Keeps all your critical data secure and keeps you connected from anywhere.

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Affordable Prices .
Worldwide Provider .
Online Support .

Solution for Schools/Colleges Every Problem

Powerful Mobile App for Students & Parents

Keep students & parents engaged and place all the information and tools they need within their reach.With the powerful eCampus Mobile App, students can download study material, lesson plans, syllabus, timetables, exam schedules, and submit homework.Parents can pay fees directly from the app and view fee statements. They can also monitor transport routes, homework, academic progress, grades, attendance etc.

  • Student Login
  • Parent Login
  • Attendance Status
  • Grades & Results
  • Exam Information
  • Timetables
  • Submit Homework
  • View Library Records
  • Monitor Transport Route
  • Download Study Material etc.
  • Pay Fees
  • View Fees Report

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Affordable Prices .
Worldwide Provider .
Online Support .

Trusted by 250+ Colleges and Schools

The Amazing Benefits of eCampus

Work From Anywhere.

eCampus gives you complete administrative control, wherever you are. It ensures teachers, students, & parents can stay connected and collaborate just through their mobile screens.

Adapts To Your Needs.

eCampus can be customised to your institution's unique needs and management processes such that every stakeholder and department have exactly what they need to meet their objectives.

Improved Efficiency

Save time, automate several administrative tasks, and optimise costs & resources with the seamless integration and campus-wide insights that eCampus makes available to you in just a few clicks.


Intuitive & Easy To Use

Staff & students get used to eCampus in no time and find that it also makes teaching & learning much more engaging. eCampus itself requires little to no management, so you can focus on your real priorities.

Easier Fees Management

eCampus not only helps you improve fees collection with online fees payments and automated reminders, but also makes analysis & reporting of paid and balance fees easier.

Empowered Students & Parents

With eCampus, students & parents have all the tools they need to be digitally connected with academic and other activities. It is much easier to communicate with them and ensure their contribution in smooth functioning of the campus .

The Amazing Benefits of eCampus

Student Records.

In-depth student records, history, & categories with dynamic search capabilities.

Fees Management.

Advanced fees collection & analysis mechanism, with integrated payment gateways.

Finance Management

Complete financial management & accounting system with rich dashboards for visualising financial performance .

Website Builder & CMS

Build a professional website for your school and college and leverage it to promote your institution



Easy management of daily attendance and various attendance reports for students across classes & subjects.

Exams & Timetables

Schedule classes & exams with ease and digitally notify students, parents, & teachers .

Progress Reports

Track academic progress of students across classes, subjects, subject teachers and various other parameters.

and much more >>

30+ Modules to digitally enable your campus and automate administrative tasks

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Pricing Offers

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A Campus Management Software is an ERP solution for managing schools, colleges, and other institutions of learning. It is a solution that digitises and stores all the data of the educational institution in an easy to access database. It also provides features that allow campus administrators to manage various departments & facilities of the institution in a centralised manner. A.campus management software connects teachers, students, and parents and provides them with tools that enhance learning & communication. Finally, it provides campus administrators with the necessary tools to manage financial performance and optimise efficiency.

A complete & modern campus management software includes all the necessary features for managing a school, college, or any other type of educational institution. The most important features are student records, fees management, exam management, communication management, and a mobile app for connecting students & parents. Comprehensive campus management softwares also include several other features for finance management, library management, hostel management, transport management, online admissions, and much more.

The most important things to look out for in a campus management software are:
1.End-to-end features: The ideal campus management software has all the necessary modules & features for your needs and more
2.Flexibility: The ideal campus management software can be customised to adapt to your unique administrative processes
3.Ease of use: The ideal campus management software is intuitive & user-friendly for all stakeholders

eCampus is the best campus management software for schools, colleges, and specialised centres of learning because it has the most extensive set of modules & features for every administrative function, academic activity, and campus facility in one complete package. So when you invest in eCampus, you know you're not only simplifying every aspect of campus management, but also equipping yourself with all the necessary tools for financial growth and operational efficiency in an increasingly digitised educational sector.

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